Boba Fett Custom Strat

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

I bought a used Strat copy body and neck that I found in a pawn shop. It was to become another Star Wars guitar.

Strats can be beautiful, but the design (though ergonomic) can be a little boring. I love seeing Strats with custom paint jobs, exotic wood, custom pickguard appointments, even just abuse and damage. So, I took this knock-off and got to work.

I hand carved / hand painted all of the features on this guitar. To the best of my knowledge, this guitar has a solid basswood body with a veneer of something denser on the top and bottom. This is actually a great idea – basswood has become a popular tonewood, but it is soft; the denser wood helps protect it. The neck was strange; it appears to be some relative of mahogany. The fingerboard is rosewood.

Here are the specs for the guitar:

*Basswood body
*Mahogany neck
*Rosewood fingerboard
*Locking Fender tuners
*String Saver Saddles
*Active EMG SA pickups ($200+ on eBay)- These are so cool and easy to install. Great clean sound.
*Interior shielding
*Custom artwork
*Basswood carved additions
*Blocked tremelo for increased sustainĀ (as seen on Clapton’s guitars)
*Braided Wookie scalps to hang off strap pin
* Behlen stringed instrument lacquer finish
*Gold Mother of Pearl inlays

Details to look for on the guitar: Boba Fett’s 3d helmet, 3d jetpack rocket, 3d wrist gauntlet launcher, pickguard with Han Solo in Carbonite and Mandalorian symbol, backplate with Mandalorian symbol, Slave 1 ship schematic, simulated blaster wear / battle damage, “Fett-der” locking tuners (that’s what the “F” stands for, right?), BOBA FETT STRAT-1 metallic waterslide decal, ship console control knobs, and real leather belt.

Hear and see the guitar in action here:

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