Looking Back: The Original Millenium Falcon Electric Guitar

A few years ago I saw a picture online. It was a Bass guitar neck stuck on a vintage Star Wars Millenium Falcon playset. I looked at it and saw the challenge posted below the image – daring someone to build a functional version. I decided to do it.

After gathering the parts, it took a few weekends to put everything together. As this was one of the first major guitar projects I had done in a while, my wife became acquainted with “the mad scientist.” The guitar was built with a low budget just to see if something reasonably playable could be made. I opted for a single. coil-sized humbucker for best sound quality and the least “damage” to the Falcon itself. I even installed super bright LEDs in the hyperdrive (and on the front mandibles) to really capture the Falcon’s essence and gave it a movie-accurate paint job.

The peghead of the guitar featured a “light speed” paint motif with a Micro Machines Millenium Falcon serving as the truss rod cover.

It has been a few years, and I’m suddenly realizing I didn’t actually put the guitar in my guitar blog. After Cole Stryker posted the original photos on http://www.Urlesque.com things really took off… unexpectedly too. I was interviewed on live TV in California.


…and I’ve seen a number of awesome Falcon guitars that followed. I remember – there was one guy criticizing mine because it had 1 pickup. He had more than one, so he claimed it was clearly superior; his guitar also had Falcon parts like the radar dish glued on where they didn’t belong, no paint job, no lights; functional, but no style. After that I’ve seen many that are incredible, with much higher quality parts and attention to detail, and the end result is that much better. I’ll probably do another sometime, and try to figure out how to up the ante. I still think my movie-accurate paint job holds up to the competition, at the very least.

From that point, I’ve built more guitars and gotten more exposure, not always quite as dramatic, but still fun. I hope to keep building, and hopefully to receive more commissions. Here are the original pictures, and the original (AND TERRIBLE) video I made for Urlesque.


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