1960’s Gretsch Anniversary Model – Phase II: Coloring

After completing Phase One, I ran over the body quickly with 400 grit, 800 grit, and finally 2000 grit paper to get rid of some irregularities in the remaining paint. I think someone had already tried repainting this guitar and did an awful job because the inside of the guitar is covered in this gross bluish overspray. It’s a shame, because he/she sprayed over the original label too. Also, this junk probably deadens the vibration somewhat, so I will figure out a way to get rid of it. Maybe some steel wool affixed to a probing arm of some sort. I tried using some MIXOL tinting paste to color the exposed maple of the Gretsch. I was originally going to use some high quality dyes, but I thought I’d try this first because it was cheaper and the description seemed to be right. This stuff worked out really well. It covers enough, but allows enough grain to show through. The darkened olive tint still works on the back and sides, but I used a lime green tint to get that funky green on the top. Also, there was a chip on the upper right corner of the headstock which I’m gluing a piece into, hence the blue tape.  See Phase Three, the completed project.

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